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Welcome to Sodere Resort Hotels, the nearest hotel to Africa Union, Addis Ababa hotel highlights. A total of 50 stunning rooms with relaxing and superb…

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With our comfortable hotel rooms, numerous leisure facilities and exceptional hotel service, we make every effort to ensure you enjoy the perfect stay at our hotel!


Twin Rooms

This spacious room with modern contemporary design, elegant furnishings and…


Deluxe Rooms

These spacious and inviting rooms offer understated elegance and exquisite,…

$ 60/Night

Standard Room

Enjoy this contemporary 30sqm room area with a plush king-size…

Our Recreation

We are constructing one Olympic standard swimming pool which also has mini stadium seats, aiming to host games. Four operational swimming pools, three meeting halls, unlimited parking lots, spa and bars are among the facilities it features.


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Sodere Resort resumes service after three months

The largest and the oldest resort in Ethiopia, Sodere Resorts, resumed operation this month after being closed for three months due to over flooding caused by its adjacent river, Awash. The resort which was founded by the government 69 years ago is known for its hot natural springs. The flood

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